The Growing Face of the Internet Through the Years

There was a time when someone wondered about a particular date or event they would have to research it in a book. Kids would go to libraries in order to do research on school assignments. That was prior to the year 1995, so what happened in 1995? The Internet was made accessible to the public. not that too many individuals signed on to be online at that time, only around one percent of the population. It also wasn’t a good a research tool at that time. The Internet and its technology was still brand new. It was a new concept so individuals weren’t too familiar with what exactly being online meant.

In the years following 1995 the Internet has grown. There are now over 3 billion Internet users world wide with the amount of users growing with each passing day. Now well over 40& of the worlds population is online. In fact, in the past twenty years the Internet has grown to the point where no one has to leave their home to do research. For that matter no one has to leave their home to go to school or to even go to work. More businesses are using the online super high way to outsource their work to individuals. Schools are now being offered online as an alternative to the conventional public school system. But is all of this really good.

These days the overarching trends of Internet usage is going over time. Individuals don’t even need to be in front of a computer to access the Internet, with the development of smartphones, tablets and now smartwatches the Internet can now be accessed away from home.

We are now connected more then ever before. Throughout the world the Internet has kept individuals in touch. But with the good can come the ugly. Now that the Internet is widely accepted, there are other concerns. There is hacking of Internet systems. Because so many businesses including government offices have allowed all their information to be placed online there is more danger then ever before of our information getting into the wrong hands.

So, the Internet has grown, but has it taken over our lives. Have we allowed it to take over our lives? The overarching trend of Internet use overtime has grown tremendously and continues to do so. The Internet is a great tool, but that’s what we need to remember that it is a tool. To use for enjoyment and other functions. But we need to also remember that what is on the Internet is the world in general. In the world we live in there can be good things but there can also be dangers involved. So, like in day to day life we need to always be aware of what we are doing online, because with each passing day the Internet grows all the more to include more users.

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California Valley Needs HughesNet to Catch Up With the coast


There is a popular Hollywood image of California as a collection of sunny beach towns full of affluent people. Everyone is a celebrity, or at least on the cusp of being one. The only problem these fictional characters seem to ever have is deciding whether to take the dog, Fluffy, along on their morning stroll along the sand. Ah, the good life.

In reality, not everyone in the state is a movie star or internet tycoon. In fact, in the Central Valley, life is definitely not as serene as it is for people along the coast. The Valley is a place that most outsiders know little about.

Agricultural Production Proves Valley is a Winner

The Valley is home to a large part of California’s agricultural production. Farmers grow over 200 different types of crops here. Grapes picked by migrant workers wind up in the refrigerators of everyday consumers. Fat, red tomatoes that restaurants use in their pasta sauce is another major crop.

In 2002, researchers found that this region alone responsible for 8% of the total agricultural capacity of the nation. Now that number is significant considering the dominant place America holds in the world economy.

The Future of Education Looks Good

For generations, the best and brightest students from the Central Valley left to attend college elsewhere. One primary example being Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree, born in Merced, who received his education in Palo Alto, in the San Francisco Bay area.

The opening of the University of California, Merced, means that Central Valley students can stay closer to home. These young people are the future of the region. It is easy to foresee the growth of hi-tech industry in the Valley. Parents who want to help their kids conduct online research that may help make things better for area residents should consider purchasing a California HughesNet service plan for the home.

Do not Count the Valley Out

The California Central Valley does need to catch up with the coast in most economic and social categories. One important key to doing so is the increased use of the internet among the population. The more familiar people become with technology, the more prepared they are to get higher paying jobs.

This region has a large amount of potential, as evidenced by its amazing agricultural output. Now, with a major university, the area might be able to finally best the traditionally more prosperous coast.

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